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Intellectual Activist

I run three Meetup groups in Vancouver:

Upcoming event on Oct 7:

How does ZCash able to hide the sender and recipient addresses, and yet guarantee that the transactions are legitimate? ZCash uses zero-knowledge proofs based on a Common String security model. We will look at the ZK algorithm, and if time permits, compare with the way other cryptocurrencies (such as Monero) accomplish anonymity. Note the new location.
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Upcoming event on Oct 15:

The Times of Hillel: Hillel was one of the rabbis before the term existed, and he lived during the times of Herod. In those times, a lot of Jewish literature read by the public predicted a messiah. We will look more closely into the politics and ideas that were in vogue in this period.
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Past Events

Signal Protocol Overview -- guest talk at VanLUG
Aug 26, 2019.

Download slides from the talk here: signal protocol slides

"History of Religions" at the Atheism Q&A meetup group

  1. History of religions of antiquity (prehistory)
  2. History of religions of antiquity, part 2
  3. Religion and money in early civilizations
  4. Ancestor worship and Veneration of the dead
  5. Religions and Philosophies of India
  6. Religions and philosophies of ancient China
  7. Altruism and collectivism in antique civilizations
  8. History of religions of antiquity
  9. Origins of Judaism
  10. Historical evidence for stories in the Old Testament
  11. Moral lessons in the Old Testament
  12. Plato philosophy overview
  13. Plato on Ethics and Politics
  14. Topics in Religion and Philosophy from Atheist perspective
  15. Greek Gods
  16. The Gods of Olympus
  17. Wine, Dionysus, Orpheus and the Mystery Cults of Greece
  18. Astronomy and Ancient Religions
  19. Serapis: the God who was manufactured
  20. Religious legacy of the Hellenistic period
  21. Jewish sects of the Hellenistic period
  22. Maccabeans
  23. Hasmonean Dynasty
  24. Israel under Herod and Romans

Listen to audio recordings from selected talks on YouTube: History of Religions

Guest Appearances

B-Sides Vancouver 2019 conference Website Switcheroo: Links Opening In Tabs Are Dangerous
March 18, 2019
BC Humanist Society History of Judaism
March 9, 2019 audio recording and slides
Vera Radio Что такое атеизм? (What is atheism?)
August 23, 2019 audio recording (Russian)
Vera Radio Что такое атеизм? Часть Вторая (What is atheism, part 2)
September 12, 2019 audio recording (Russian)
Area N77 Toastmasters Contest Test Speaker
February 25, 2018 video
Vancouver Ruby Meetup Group Device Pairing by QR-code
March 14, 2019 video
VanLUG - Vancouver Linux Users Group Linux and the Big Picture
April 29, 2019
VanLUG - Vancouver Linux Users Group Signal Protocol
August 19, 2019


Philosophical Conversations series

Interviews with various people on philosophical topics, spanning science, politics, mythology, atheism, and religion.

Political Conversations series

Interviews with various people on political topics focusing on capitalism.

Validity of Quantum Physics

Facebook discussion that took place in summer 2018. I have posted my video about Quantum Physics on Facebook, and engaged a M.Sc. graduate in physics. View the debate

Unregulated Capitalism is a moral system, and is perfect as it is
Debate that took place in 2016. Read on


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